Five Ways you can Keep Your Divorce from Breaking the Bank

las vegas divorce attorneyDivorce is hard and can become very expensive, if you let it. However, your divorce doesn’t have to be followed by filing for bankruptcy or struggling to pay bills. You can keep your divorce from breaking the bank. Here are a few tips to help you save money.

Realistic Expectation

Money will probably be tight and you should expect the budget to be thin. It’s not realistic to go into a Las Vegas divorce expecting your current lifestyle to stay the same, unless you are quite wealthy. Plan ahead and expect to spend less money. You should also not expect to receive spousal support and alimony.

Focus on Right Now

By focusing on the now, you will be able to make better decisions without emotions taking over. You may be faced with deciding between taking the car or getting the retirement fund. If you focus on right now, you are more likely to make the smart decision of choosing the asset that won’t depreciate.


You need to communicate with your spouse and with your attorney. Keeping the communication open will help you to gain a realistic picture of what to expect. It can also help keep the amount of time your attorney has to work for you down because they won’t have to do extra work due to poor communication.

Eliminate Joint Accounts Now

Joint accounts can be dangerous after divorce. Eliminating those accounts now can help you deal with the Las Vegas divorce better later. You won’t have to worry about your spouse defaulting on a loan, filing bankruptcy or something else happens that affect your finances because you still have joint accounts with them.

Pay Attention to Details

Sometimes, the smallest detail may cost you a large sum of money. When you are getting divorce, make sure you double and triple check everything. Make a list of the assets and obtain copies of all your financial statements from your checking account to your pension plan.

If you follow these tips and you pay attention to the advice of your Las Vegas divorce attorney, you won’t have to come out of divorce financially unstable.