Trick-or-Treat Tips for Divorced Parents

Trick-or-Treat TipsIf you’re divorced, you know that holidays can pose some unique difficulties when it comes to the kids. And with Halloween right around the corner, make sure kids are getting treated and not tricked with these tips for divorced parents.

Agree Ahead on Upcoming Plans

If you’ve got plans for the kids on Halloween night, make sure you confirm these with their other parent well in advance. The longer you wait, the more you risk the other parent making plans as well, which could result in a dispute. This is particularly important if your plans somehow differ from your “normal” custody schedule.

Think About Sharing

When it comes to trick-or-treating, more is always better in the eyes of the kids. If you and your ex-spouse live in different neighborhoods, that could be a great opportunity to share the kids on Halloween night. Take them trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, then taxi them over to their other parent’s home to hit that neighborhood. Your kids won’t complain.

Blend It

You might not be on sharing terms just yet, but if you are, sharing the festivities in a group setting with your ex in tow can be a healthy experience for you and a lot of fun for the kids; this tells them that you’re willing to put them ahead of your own feelings.

Go Guilt Free

If you’re the parent who doesn’t get the kids on Halloween, be mature about it. Don’t make the kids feel guilty or pressure them to talk to their other parent. Instead, let them know you’re looking forward to your plans that night and are excited to hear about their experience.

Look for Alternates

If both parents are hoping to be the trick-or-treating chaperone, look around for alternate opportunities. For example, take your kids to your church or school trunk-or-treat party and let your ex have them for Halloween night. Or vice-versa.

Keep Halloween sweet this year – share the love!