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Family law cases are emotional and deal with a variety of contentious issues that require the guidance of an experienced family law attorney. Throne & Hauser Attorneys at Law is considered one of the best family law firms in the Las Vegas, NV, area. If you’re in the middle of a divorce or child custody battle, it’s important to know your rights as a parent and have someone in your corner to ensure a fair outcome. Our family law attorneys are experienced in handling these sensitive matters and understand how to navigate pertinent laws and court procedures. If you need expert legal advice, get in touch with us for a consultation.

What Does a Family Law Lawyer Do?

There are many aspects to family law including divorce, child custody and adoption. When you hire Throne & Hauser Attorneys at Law, you’ll have some of the best family law lawyers in the state working on your case. We have the experience necessary to help you face some of life’s biggest challenges in a way that is favorable to you and beneficial to your child. It all begins with a confidential consultation, analysis of your case and a sensible explanation of how we can help you reach a resolution.

Our law firm provides representation in the Las Vegas area for:

  • Marriage law: Our family law firm specializes in prenuptial agreements, marriage licenses, common law mariages, name changes, property and assets issues.
  • Divorce law: Divorce is never easy, but our experienced family law attorneys can help you with divorce settlements, custody law, alimony issues, separations and more.
  • Child custody: We know that your children are a very important part of your life. That’s why we’re passionate about helping you with everything from custody laws and visitation rights to child support.
  • Adoption: Set a family law consultation and learn about growing your family through adoption. We help our clients to communicate effectively with agencies during their open or closed adoptions, whether they’re based in the U.S. or international.
  • Domestic violence and abuse: Your home should be your sanctuary, and that’s why domestic violence or abuse can be so devastating. Our family law practice can help you if you or your children are the victims of domestic violence or abuse.

Take the First Step and Speak with Our Attorneys

As some of the best family law lawyers around Las Vegas, Throne & Hauser Attorneys at Law understands that compassion and understanding are just as important as legal expertise. Our dedicated lawyers take the time to ensure that our clients feel safe, comfortable and cared for throughout the legal process. Whatever issues your family is currently facing, our family law firm can help by offering you precise legal service with courtesy, compassion and unsurpassed knowledge. Reach out to our staff for a family law consultation to see how we may assist you with your case.

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Our family law firm near Las Vegas will treat you with respect and consideration as we work towards a fair legal settlement. Throne & Hauser Attorneys at Law is one of the best family law firms in Nevada and we’re prepared to offer you professional representation in your case. Call us today at 702-800-3580 to schedule a free family law consultation or fill out our contact form.

After seeing many Family Lawyers telling me I couldn’t do what I wanted done. Throne & Hauser did not promise me the world like my past Divorce Lawyer but they did deliver. Unfortunately I have needed their services a couple of times and now I know I’m in good hands. Hopefully I wont need their services again but at least now I know who I can call! Wish I would of found these ladies the first time around and it would of been done right.

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