Keeping Kids Safe this Halloween

safe halloweenWhen you’re a child, there’s no time of year quite like Halloween. From dressing up in crazy costumes to roaming the neighborhood for candy and sweets to parties at school and church, this is truly a magical time of year for a kiddo. Unfortunately, it can also be a dangerous time of year – particularly Halloween night.

Safe Halloween

Here are a few ways to keep the kids – and the whole family – safely haunting.

Choose the Right Costumes

When you’re shopping for those all-important Halloween costumes, make sure you pick a good one – meaning one that won’t pose a safety risk to your kids. Make sure any costumes they wear are labeled “flame retardant,” and that the costumes fit properly, as to not present a tripping hazard. When trying on wigs and hats, make sure they don’t cover your kids’ eyes, as blocked vision could end up causing them some scrapes and bruises.

Carve Carefully

When carving pumpkins, never allow children to use kitchen knives. If kids are little, allow them to outline their design, then watch as you carve the pumpkin. For older kids, allow them to use specialty pumpkin carving tools only under your direct supervision. Be careful about where they toss those pumpkin innards too; they are awfully slippery on a wood or tile floor.

Trick-or-Treat Together

Accompany any kids under the age of 12 through well-lit neighborhoods. Be sure to only use sidewalks and crosswalks when navigating the streets, and only trick-or-treat at houses with porch lights on. Give kids flashlights or glow sticks so they’re easy to identify.

Drive Safely

Halloween can be an especially dangerous holiday on the roads, as children tend to swarm the surface streets. If you’ll be driving, take caution to drive slowly and always use your headlights. Never drive if you’ve been drinking, and be careful not to get distracted by your cell phone or a car full of excited kiddos.

Check for Supervision

If you have older kids who will be attending a Halloween party, call the hosting parents and make sure there will be appropriate supervision throughout the night. As an added precaution, offer to host the party yourself.

Got spooky Halloween plans? Let us know how you’re celebrating!