Helping Kids Deal With Divorce

las vegas divorceLas Vegas divorce isn’t easy for adults, but it can be pretty traumatic for children. And when children learn that their parents are separating, a lot of confusion and emotions can enter the scene. This makes the entire process even more difficult and can be heartbreaking for parents who want the best for their kids. If you’re divorcing, make sure you’re following these non-negotiable rules for your kids:

Make Sure They’re Loved

You love your children, but are you making sure they really feel it? When parents are involved in the complications of Las Vegas divorce, sometimes kids can feel like they’re invisible, or worse, to blame. Make sure you take the time to reassure your children that you love them and that your divorce has nothing to do with them. Reassuring your children is not a once-and-done action; they’ll need constant love throughout the process.

Make Sure They Can Depend on You

A divorce can make life feel chaotic. From legal appointments to possibly moving and uprooting, it might be difficult to keep plans in place. But kids need to know they can depend on you – and what you say. If you make plans or promises, follow through; trust can waver during a divorce, so do everything you can to combat it.

Talk. Then Talk Some More.

Encourage your children to talk – whether it’s about their feelings, frustrations or worries. Let them know that they can talk to you about anything, and try not to get defensive or get your feelings hurt. If your children think they’re hurting you or making you angry, they’re more likely to clam up.

Be Flexible

During a Las Vegas divorce, it’s easy to get territorial. But keep in mind that getting your way may not be the best thing for your kids. Be flexible about schedules and willing to compromise for the good of the children. No child wants to be fought over.

Las Vegas divorce is tough. Just remember, it’s tough on your children too. Help them move on – and be happy – even when life is hard.