How can an Extra-Marital Affair Change Your Relationship?

 las vegas divorce attorneyAfter your spouse is caught cheating, it can do quite a bit of damage to your relationship. Whether you decide to stay or get divorced, you will still suffer major effects from the extra-marital affair.

Advice From a Las Vegas Divorce Attorney

Here are a few of the most common things you might go through.

A Lack of Trust

The most common issues you will face after an affair is a lack of trust. It can be hard to trust your spouse to be alone after they have cheated. You may even want to go to extreme measures, such as following them, checking their phone or even checking their emails.

If you plan to stay in the marriage, seeking professional help to work through the trust issues is very important. If you don’t deal with the trust issues and your partner doesn’t allow you to trust them again, your relationship may suffer even worse consequences.

A Wave of Emotions

The ups and downs an affair can cause are often hard to predict. It’s like a roller coaster and your emotions may have you blaming your spouse one day, then the person they cheated with the next and even yourself. Understand these emotions are normal for somebody going through infidelity. Don’t be afraid to feel the emotions and work through them.

Self-Esteem Damage

Your self-esteem will certainly take a hit if your partner has cheated. You may start wondering if you were not enough for them or if the way your looks have changed drove them to cheat. Many victims of an affair blame themselves and it can wreak havoc on your self-esteem. However, it’s more likely the affair was cause by a deficiency in your spouse, not you.

Many other damaging effects may come out of an extra-marital affair. Cheating often has a domino effect and will cause the victim to look at themselves, their friends, their job and even their own decisions differently. This can be a positive or a negative and professional help may be necessary.