Tips for Single Dads: Creating a Home for Kids

 tips for single dadsAfter a divorce, your children will have two homes to live within. However, they don’t have to be referred to as “Mom’s House” and “Dad’s House”. Instead, they should both feel like home and your children shouldn’t just feel like they are visiting you.

Tips for Single Dads

Here are a few ways you can make your house a home for the kids as a single dad.

Family Pictures

A very simple way to turn your house into a home is with pictures of you and your children. You can also add in other relatives, if you prefer, but pictures will help to create a family atmosphere in your home. It’s important to capture new memories from after the divorce to hang on the wall, as well.

Welcome Their Friends

The friends of your children should be welcome at your home, especially if you have older children. This can help to the transition and hurt of divorce, along with creating a home for your kids. Whether i’s to spend the night or just to hang out, it’s important to welcome their friends into your home.

Give them Their own Room

Children will feel more at home if they have their own room at your house. Even if you have to put two children in the same room, this helps to give them a sense of belonging. Allow them to decorate the room however they want, within reason, as well.

Keep Some of their Things at Your House

Since the children will have their own space, they should have their own things at your home, too. You don’t want them to feel like “Mom’s House” is their home base and they are traveling whenever they come to see you. Eliminating the need for a suitcase by keeping toys and clothes at your place will help your children feel more at home.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to make your children feel more at home when they are with you. It also helps if you get a home in a family-oriented neighborhood and enjoy regular family activities with your kids.