Daylight Savings Time: Tips to Braving the Morning Commute

daylight savings timeSure, daylight savings time sounds like a great idea in theory; change the clocks by an hour and tag on one extra hour of daylight each evening. But when it comes time to “spring ahead” into daylight savings time, that means ushering in a much darker morning – and a much darker commute (not to mention a whole lot of commuters that were cheated out of an hour or sleep). Thanks daylight savings time

Daylight Savings Time Driving Tips

Keep safe this week with these tips:

Keep your morning speed in check.

You might be accustomed to that morning sunlight, but with the time change, your early commute may feel like a midnight commute. Keep your speed at or below the speed limit, since heavy traffic and dim lighting can mean higher instances of accidents.

Use your headlights!

You may not be used to flipping on the headlights in the morning, but with daylight savings time it’s important to get in the habit now that the mornings are darker. Keep them on until a half hour after the sun rises – morning light can be pretty dim!

Wash your car.

Call it spring cleaning, but a freshly washed car can also help improve your visibility. Dirt and grime on your windshield, combined with darker mornings, can mean difficulty seeing in traffic.

Don’t get distracted.

Morning commutes are full of distractions. After all, you might be antsy to check those morning emails or text your assistant to let him know you’ll be in late. But those distractions just aren’t worth the risk. You may be able to control your own driving, but when you’re distracted, it’s much harder to respond to other drivers’ mistakes. Keep everyone a little safer by saving the calls, texts and emails for the office.

Make up that hour of sleep (thanks, daylight savings time).

Believe it or not, one little lost hour of sleep can make a difference. And drowsy driving can mean dangerous driving. Make up that hour by hitting the hay a little earlier each day until you’ve adjusted to the new schedule.

Ready to spring ahead? Make sure you do it safely this daylight savings time!