Author: Benjamin Ehinger

Tips for Single Dads: Creating a Home for Kids

After a divorce, your children will have two homes to live within. However, they don’t have to be referred to as “Mom’s House” and “Dad’s House”. Instead, they should both feel like home and your children shouldn’t just feel like they are visiting you. Tips for Single Dads Here are a few ways you can… Read more »

Life After Divorce: Making the Most of It

Divorce is a grueling, difficult process. Life after divorce may not be easy, either. In fact, many believe it can be harder to adjust after a divorce than the actual process of getting a divorce. You are suffering from loss, which means you will need time to grieve. Most will also be adjusting to a… Read more »

Las Vegas Divorce: Realities You Might Not Realize

Divorce is very difficult. If it’s something you are considering, it’s best to know as best as you can what you’re getting into before committing to move forward. Here we’ll share a few of the harsh realities that often come with divorce. You May Become an Outcast For many folks out there, for cultural or… Read more »