What Asset Information Will Your Divorce Attorney Need?

divorce attorneyMarriage can be difficult and complicated. Getting divorced can be pretty complex, too. Of course, the first thing to do when you’ve decided to divorce is to contact a good divorce attorney. After that, you’ll need to start gathering the information your lawyer will need. [tweet_box design=”default”]Here are a few things you should be prepared to provide in the event of a divorce:[/tweet_box]

Information on Your Real Estate Assets

Your divorce case will require information on your real estate assets – this includes both residential and commercial real estate. Your divorce attorney will need the addresses of each property, the date you acquired the property, how the property was paid for, documentation on any refinancing or title changes and whether you or your spouse can claim separate property interests on each property. Be sure you have deeds, escrow documents, refinancing paperwork and any bank statements that show fund sources.

Information About Vehicles

Your attorney will also need to know about your vehicles, as they can be worth a lot of money. Be sure your divorce lawyer has each vehicle’s title and registration, any purchase documents in your possession and bank statements or checks that show the source of funding.

Information About Financial Accounts

Your attorney will need lots of information regarding your and your spouse’s financial accounts, including stock and investment accounts. Make sure you have all account numbers in order, as well as the names of all account holders. You’ll need account statements from each account and any relative documentation. This also includes your retirement accounts, like pensions, 401(k) accounts and IRAs.

Information About Life Insurance

Life insurance policies can also be an asset, so you’ll need to furnish any applicable records to your divorce attorney. Your lawyer will need to know what types of life insurance policies you own (term or whole), as well as documentation on how those policies were funded. If you have your insurance declaration page, this is a helpful document to give to your attorney.

Information About Other Assets

Jewelry, art, furniture, businesses and many other things can be considered “assets” in your divorce. Your attorney will need information on all of these items regarding your acquisition of the item, the source of funds used to purchase and the time of the acquisition.

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