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Families come in all shapes and sizes, and adoption can be a beautiful and mutually beneficial way to make yours complete.


Adopting a child can be one of the most valuable events in the lives of new parents and their adopted children. It is important to understand your legal rights and responsibilities at every part of the adoption process. While adopting a child is rewarding, associated legal problems can make going through adoption extremely demanding and emotional. This is why it is generally a wise idea to have a certified adoption attorney by your side throughout the process. A lawyer from Throne & Hauser will help safeguard your welfare as well as your child’s welfare.

Frequent Adoption Problems and Questions

In the case of any adoption, there are various legal and/or personal issues that can happen. In the end, these issues can eventually complicate the adoption procedure. Frequent problems or questions often come up, including:

  • What can you expect from the adoption process?
  • Which type of adoption is best?
  • What rights do same-sex couples have when it comes to adoption?
  • What are some different options for same-sex parents if adoption isn’t an option?
  • Who can legally adopt a child?
  • What are the pros and cons of an adoption agency versus a private adoption?
  • How does international adoption work?
  • What are costs connected with international adoption?
  • What steps are needed to gain citizenship for a child adopted from another country?

An Adoption Attorney Helps

An adoption lawyer will not only respond to these questions for you; they can also see events or concerns you might not have thought about. Despite the specific stipulations of your case, you need to call an experienced adoption attorney to steer you through the adoption procedure. The risks in adoption are significant and the outcome of your case can majorly impact you, your family and your finances. An experienced attorney from Throne & Hauser will audit your case, elaborate on you can expect at each step and help categorize your choices. The lawyers at Throne & Hauser are here to represent your interests and secure your legal rights, guaranteeing that the result of your case is as positive as possible. Contact a lawyer in Boulder City, Nevada to schedule a consultation.

I couldn’t say enough about Dawn and her partner Michelle Hauser. They both played a huge roll in me adopting my two Grandchildren. They knew the in’s and out’s of the law and put the other attorney at a lose for words. I highly recommend them to anyone fighting to adopt a child or children. They both know the law inside and out and you will be proud knowing they are fighting for you.

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