6 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues as a Single Parent

holiday seasonWhen you’re a single parent, the holiday season can be a bit overwhelming. And though you’re likely hoping to make the holidays magical for your children, this can be tough when you’re fighting feelings of depression or loneliness. Here are a few ways to combat those blues and enjoy the holidays with your family.

Feel what you need to feel.

If you’re lonely, anxious, sad or depressed this time of year, that’s okay. It’s natural to have these feeling and it’s okay if you don’t feel like celebrating day in, day out. Take a few minutes to feel – and even cry or yell if you need to. Talk to someone about your feelings so you can let them out.

Stick to what you love.

If you’ve always hated Christmas caroling, chances are you’re not going to start enjoying it this holiday season. Instead, focus on the activities you genuinely enjoy; it’s okay to forgo a tradition or two if it doesn’t bring joy.

Make new traditions.

Holiday traditions can be magical, but they can also remind you very keenly of happier times. It’s okay to make new traditions with your kids; find something you all enjoy doing and go after it!

Get out of yourself.

Feelings of depression and loneliness around the holidays are often successfully combatted through service and helping others. Find a good project for you and your kids to work on. It can be as simple as making cookies for neighbors or as involved as volunteering at a soup kitchen or food bank. It’s tough to feel sad when you’re helping others in need.

Stay healthy.

The holidays blues are exacerbated when you’re not feeling your best, so be sure to take good care of yourself throughout the season. Eat healthy, exercise and get lots of sleep. If holiday schedules become too stressful, don’t hesitate to whittle them down so you’re only participating in the activities you love the most.

Keep family around.

Your kids are your world, but if you have other family support, take it! Spend holidays with parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and anyone else who you love. The holidays are much more magical when shared.

Here’s to the happiest of holiday seasons, from our family to yours!