5 Easy, Inexpensive Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Family

familyIf you’re like us, the magic of the holiday season comes from spending some quality time with your favorite people – your family! While this time of year can be stressful, with busy schedules and the pressures of entertaining and attending events, creating those fun family traditions can feel like another item on your unending to-do list. Here are a few simple ways to start new family traditions this season.

Have Your Pie First

Thanksgiving is every food-lover’s favorite holiday. But after a gluttonous meal of turkey and stuffing, those luscious holiday pies tend to lose a little appeal. Keep them center stage by celebrating “pie night” with just your family the night before Thanksgiving. Don’t worry; chances are, there will be plenty of leftover pie to top off the next day’s dinner.

Take it Outside

Want an easy and inexpensive way to make holiday memories? Spend a day outside with your immediate family. Whether you take a long “holiday” hike, spend the day sledding or snowshoeing or simply play in piles of leaves, then enjoy a backyard bonfire, this is the perfect time of year to enjoy your own winter wonderland.

Split Up the Work

Everyone has a favorite holiday meal or dish; so this year, put each member of the family in charge of making or bringing theirs! This takes a lot of pressure off the default cook and allows you to personalize the meal to each member of your family. Plus it makes for great conversation during dinner as you share memories about each dish.

Simplify the “Party”

A family party doesn’t have to be an extraordinary event. If you’ve got kids, chances are, a holiday movie-watching night complete with popcorn and hot chocolate is the on par with perfectly planned and catered event.

Do Some Service

The holidays are about giving, and it can be bonding to do service as a family. Instead of spending lots of money on a holiday outing, volunteer at a soup kitchen, food bank or toy drive this season; you’ll be sure to leave feeling festive while showing your kids the true meaning of the season.

Got a great, no-stress family tradition? Tell us what it is!