4 Tips for Family Safety

family safety tipsAt Throne and Houser, we know that families are formed in all sorts of ways. But whatever – or whoever – makes up your family, you’re primary concern is keeping them safe and happy. Since June is National Safety Month, we thought we’d offer up a few tips to keep that family of yours safe this summer – no matter who it is that you call family.

Practice Water Safety

When the sun is shining, you know where everyone wants to be: in the water! But water and kids can be a dangerous combination without the right preparation and supervision. Whether you’ll be swimming in a pool, taking the boat out or relaxing by the lake, make sure family members – especially the kids – always wear life jackets. Never allow kids to swim unsupervised and watch the alcohol while playing outdoors: drinking and boating or swimming don’t mix.

Be Careful on the Road

Summer is all about road trips. Keep yours safe this season by making sure your car is in optimal condition. Get a maintenance check-up before you set out and ensure that your tires are in good condition. To keep things safe on the road, make sure you have an emergency kit complete with food, water and a first aid kit in your trunk. And after those long summer days in the sun, make sure you’re not driving drowsy or distracted – for your family’s sake as well as that of everyone else on the road.

Be Sun Safe

Summer may be all about sun, but that that doesn’t mean you should spend hours in it – and you shouldn’t spend any time in it unprotected! Make sure the whole family is wearing sunscreen anytime you’re out and about. The hot sun also tends to dehydrate, so make sure you and the littles are getting plenty of fluids throughout the day.

Wear the Right Stuff

Whether you’re hiking, bike riding, roller skating or boating, always make sure you have the right protective gear for the activity. Invest in good helmets for the whole family when bike riding, skateboarding or roller skating. Wear breathable, loose clothing when playing outdoors and make sure you’ve always got water handy.

Fun with the family this summer? Right on! Just keep it safe.