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Frequently Asked Questions about Guardianship

Parenting a child is an unquestionably critical role, but sometimes, parents are either unable or unwilling to care for their biological children. That said, minor children still need to be cared for; that’s where legal guardianship can be a blessing to a child in need. Here are a few oft-asked questions about guardianship: Who can… Read more »

9 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe in School

With fall officially here and kids back in school, there’s no doubt your home life has transformed just a bit from the laid-back summer vibe to the busy school schedules. And while it’s easy to assume kids couldn’t be safer than they are at school, the unfortunate truth is that there are risks and dangers… Read more »

5 Reasons You Need an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

You likely know someone who has gone through a long, drawn-out, nasty divorce. Likewise, you’ve probably heard of some divorce proceedings that were quick and efficient. What’s the difference? Well, every divorce is different, with custody issues and property often complicating the process. One thing that definitely makes a difference in your divorce is whether… Read more »

4 Tips Before Considering Adoption

Considering adoption? In our world today, there are definitely more than a few ways to build a family. At Throne & Hauser, we’re happy to be part of the family-building process through adoption. We have worked with families and individuals seeking to bring a child into their home and into their hearts. That said, the… Read more »

Helping Kids Deal With Divorce

Las Vegas divorce isn’t easy for adults, but it can be pretty traumatic for children. And when children learn that their parents are separating, a lot of confusion and emotions can enter the scene. This makes the entire process even more difficult and can be heartbreaking for parents who want the best for their kids.… Read more »

Life After Divorce: Making the Most of It

Divorce is a grueling, difficult process. Life after divorce may not be easy, either. In fact, many believe it can be harder to adjust after a divorce than the actual process of getting a divorce. You are suffering from loss, which means you will need time to grieve. Most will also be adjusting to a… Read more »