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Life After Divorce: Making the Most of It

Divorce is a grueling, difficult process. Life after divorce may not be easy, either. In fact, many believe it can be harder to adjust after a divorce than the actual process of getting a divorce. You are suffering from loss, which means you will need time to grieve. Most will also be adjusting to a… Read more »

Las Vegas Divorce: Realities You Might Not Realize

Divorce is very difficult. If it’s something you are considering, it’s best to know as best as you can what you’re getting into before committing to move forward. Here we’ll share a few of the harsh realities that often come with divorce. You May Become an Outcast For many folks out there, for cultural or… Read more »

Divorce and Taxes: Top Questions Answered

It’s that time of year again – and we’re not talking about springtime (although that’s likely a much more pleasant topic). That’s right, April 15 is around the corner and if you’re going through a divorce, you might have a few questions on your taxes – and your filing status. We know that going through… Read more »

How to Protect Yourself During a Divorce: 5 Tips

Knowing how to protect yourself during a divorce is no joke. Believe it or not, almost one in four of all violent crimes committed in the United States is some type of domestic violence. If you’ve been in an emotionally or physical abusive marriage, things can get worse when divorce enters the scene. With emotions… Read more »

Pets and Divorce

When it comes to divorce, child custody is an obvious issue – one that often requires mediation or even a court decision. But what about pets? When two people divorce, there’s often a lot of emotion around the matter of who will gain custody of the pets. And if you’re considering divorce (or currently in… Read more »