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Nevada Family Law

When you’re done dealing with legal fees and relatives, divorce costs more than just money. It can be emotionally exhausting. Even when you’ve tried settling differences, the last thing you want to hear is, “I want a divorce.” If your family is ready to move on, we recommend that you hire a divorce lawyer who […]

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Las Vegas Modification of Divorce Decree

Looking for help with your Divorce Decree Modification? A divorce may be determined “final” when all the requirements of the case are met, but it’s not unusual for ex-spouses to request later to change the prior divorce decree. This process is called modification and may be requested when circumstances like income, physical relocation or quality […]

Las Vegas Guardianships

Las Vegas Guardianship

Throne & Hauser fight to protect children in circumstances of divorce and family issues. All children deserve a loving home to grow, learn and thrive. In cases regarding guardianship of one or more children, our Las Vegas law experts are here to help provide the best outcome for every child. What is Las Vegas Guardianship? […]

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